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What would be a good valentines day gift for my boyfriend?

I have already given him pictures and a cologne he wanted. I have no idea what to do for him. I want to give him something special that like a card but something else too.

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12 Responses to “What would be a good valentines day gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. A Level Student said :

    chocolates? a hug?

  2. ? said :

    get him a nice watch or a video game if he likes that kind of stuff.

  3. Brennan said :

    You could sneak into his house (with his parents permission) and get a ton of shredded news paper and put it in his room 1 foot deep. Its really fun.

  4. Paige said :

    it depends on what he likes. if he was into like tools and stuff i might get him a home depot gift card. if he likes to read maybe get him a few books from his favorite author. if he’s into cooking and all that maybe get him a cookbook or some kitchen supplies… just a thought.

  5. Heather said :

    Valentines day is hard…lol how long have you been dating him?
    A scrapbook of everything you’ve done together so far is always
    a nice idea, leave some blank pages so you can fill them in later with the
    other things that you will do together…
    Or make him a nice card or dinner, its always more unique and meaningful
    when you make something yourself, it shows you really care.

  6. Spedgey said :

    Last year I made my boyfriend a cd of some tunes that meant a lot to us, either some of his fave songs or some nice (unsoppy) love songs. He loved it, in fact he’s now my fiance… ;op

  7. proverbs31virtuouswoman said :

    Scrap book is a good idea. On a personal note and similar level, I created a slideshow for my boyfriend. He’s constantly asking for pictures of me so I used Windows slideshow program, put a whole bunch of pictures of just me and of both of us, used some of our favorite love songs as background music and added a few words here and there. Now he can watch it whenever he wishes because he takes his laptop everywhere. (It ended up being 45 minutes long!) A little time consuming but totally worth it. He loved it.

  8. leahchattam said :

    I really like another answerer’s slide show idea. I did something similar for a friend that moved away for school, but I used a digital photo frame. He’s told me it’s the nicest thing he has in his new apartment, and I don’t doubt it for a second! If you wanted to go with a digital frame, I got mine here They have a really great selection, and good prices too 🙂

    If you’re looking for funny Valentine’s cards, this is my absolute favorite site Their cards are hilarious, and they ship for free. A lot of them are pretty naughty, though, so just consider yourself warned!

    Hope this helps – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Natascha said :

    I can recommend these two sites. You can either print a photo or get a photo painted.

  10. kp2009 said :

    Give him something that can compliment his man side like a set of tools or a test equipment.

  11. Psycho-psych said :

    6 pack of beer and a video game. seriously i would be thrilled if I had a girl get me that!

  12. Jenny said :

    photo collage


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