What would be a good Valentines Gift for my boyfriend?

Okay me n my boyfriend only been going out for a month…but we went 2 high school with each other but we lost contact and now we are dating, So I want to know what would be a good gift?

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4 Responses to “What would be a good Valentines Gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. amanda e said:

    Just get him a nice card. Maybe a lap dance. And some chocolate or his FAVORITE candy..

    I know some guys would want a strip from their girl.

  2. Dragon said:

    Hi Dear

    I Guess you can give him a pen which he would use everyday.
    He can write to you when he goes out for a month

  3. Anneke said:

    Boys love electronics gadgets, movies. And computer or video games. You can some unique gifts here: http://www.istorez.com/shop/valentines-day-gifts-for-him

  4. Diane said:

    A nice watch or leather wallet are classic guy gifts. Not *too* romantic, but nice enough that he can tell you put some thought into it.


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