What is a good valentines gift for my 17yr old boyfriend who ive been with for 5months????

So I am seventeen as well as my boyfriend. Valentines day is coming up and i dont know what to get my boyfriend. I am having such a difficult time to come up with something. We have been going out for five months now, and he likes candy(not chocolate), football, and music. ANY IDEAS????
please help me 🙂

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4 Responses to “What is a good valentines gift for my 17yr old boyfriend who ive been with for 5months????”

  1. YOYO said:

    get him a cool nike hoodie or something, and heart shaped cookies are always great too 😀

  2. ~BabyGirl~ said:

    i bought my boyfriend a star from the sky and named it after him

  3. Steph said:

    I was in the same situation as you sorta, hes almost 17 im 17 nd we’ve been together 3 months,, i had NOO idea wha to get, so we went out togheter shopping, and then the next day i went back and bought him something he had really liked 🙂
    Oh and you could do him a sweety jar with all his favourite kinds of candy in too

  4. Jonna said:

    I suggest Valentine day’s Card.

    Get a bundle of your cute picutures and design a card with sweet sayings to send him via email/msn. There is a lot of picture collage & digital scrapbooking tools, about $25. You can assemble the still photos into an artistic compilation and design the card in person for your honey. With premade templates, you can DIY the fabulous card easily and quickly.

    This is a program for creating the unique Valentine card “photo collage studio”, have a free trial for it from: http://www.photo-collage-software.com?page=173


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