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Valentines gift ideas for my boyfriend, we’ve been together 6 months?

He got me a really sweet necklace for Christmas with our birthstones in it, but I’d like to make him something really sweet.

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6 Responses to “Valentines gift ideas for my boyfriend, we’ve been together 6 months?”

  1. Summer G said:

    a card then maybe some cologne…or jus bake him somethn sweet

  2. RAHMA said:

    hmm.. A pet,watch,shirt with ur both name,ring with ur both name in it,same like urs,mug couple..

  3. Caylen K said:

    probly a bunch of kisses. im sure that the only thing hes really thinking about is how much he loves and wants you. dont stress too much about gifts on vday, im pretty sure hes just thinking about you 🙂

  4. October 2011 Bride said:

    you could make him a fleece throw blanket of his favorite sport of his favorite colors. And it requires no sewing.

    or you could get him the following

    itunes card
    watch (if he wears one)
    subscription to xbox live

  5. dar lee said:
  6. Jaime Wecker said:

    This website looks much like my aged one!


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