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Is giving a girl a rose on our first date a good idea, even though our date is on Valentines day?

I know this is the 3rd time i have asked this but i am trying to get as many opinions as i can. Mainly the opinions of women.
Is giving a rose to a girl who I have a date with on Valentines Day to much considering the fact that I “bought” our date from a fund raising event? I like her so I would like to make a good impression but I don’t want to come off looking creepy or like some kind of player because I am neither.
I forgot to mention that i never met her until after the auction. I only saw her on stage during it… Pleas help, i really rather not mess this up. Um, the idea for a flower that i do have is maybe one the same color as the dress she is wearing in her FB profile pic (we friended each other after the auction). Is that flower a color a good idea?
Thanks, i really apreciate it.
Ok, so I decided to get the rose. But everyone was telling me different colors for different reasons and I just couldn’t decide. So I got a red/pink/white rose that the florist girl said would be very nice. Ill click a best answer on Tuesday for anyone who is wondering about that.

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5 Responses to “Is giving a girl a rose on our first date a good idea, even though our date is on Valentines day?”

  1. Mikey C said :

    Oh what the heck you bought a date on an auction I think she has low expectations. I think this will one – help her to realize your not some bum and even though u bought her date at an auction you can still treat her nice and two – I think it kinda fits the cheesiness/cuteness of the whole auction/first date on valentines day. Go for it.

  2. Linda R said :

    Hi Michael, I think a rose on Valentines would be totally appropriate. I think a RED ROSE would be very thoughtful. And it just might get you some points. Relax and have a good time.

  3. Jerry Tanaka said :

    THE rose is a Good. Idea but put it in a small stuff animals hand and Most important is the color red is romantic you DONT want THAT yellow is for friend which you don’t want THAT either lol white is pure so mine as well do a combo or the 2 or 3 BECAUSE It SWEET and doesn’t put u out THERE as creepy But more as SWEET and nice the Teddy bear is a big plus BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT to write anything but happy v day & THE roses are saying it all friends is okay but red is saying YOUR gorgeous and white is saying I ONLY HAVE GOOD intent. .

  4. Paper Steel said :

    you can do whatever you want bro
    just try to come off as a fun and interesting if you want to keep her
    actually, i would worry less about the rose. i mean you’re going to give it to her, she’s gonna say something to the effect of “aw thank you that’s so sweet” and then your date will begin

    she probably won’t think about it nearly as much as you have, so don’t sweat it

  5. ϲɑէ said :

    No red roses. They are a symbol of love. Buy her a pink or yellow carnation. You can’t honestly give someone a gift that is meant to say “I love you” when it’s your first date. I’ve had a guy give me a red rose and it made me feel awkward because although it was sweet, I didn’t really know the guy. Don’t make her feel awkward.

    Pink or Yellow carnation and a small box of chocolates. :]


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