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DO you think valentines day is a good idea?

or, do u think it only makes people sad. what do u think?

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5 Responses to “DO you think valentines day is a good idea?”

  1. LatinaAngel said:

    not really.It’s like an excuse for a guy to blow his paycheck on his girl.Not to mention why make such a big deal about one day and about expressing your love on only this day.If you truly love someone you would express your love for them it does make single people and people who can’t be with their significant other sad

  2. Triumph said:

    I dont celebrate ‘Singles Awareness Day’

  3. NevadaChk89 said:

    ive always loved vday but now i realize its just another day and a way for retailers to earn big money

  4. yaroslava1303w said:
  5. b.kristallh said:
  6. niksen89f said:


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