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Valentines day idea for my boyfriend, good?

My boyfriend and I were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory Resteraunt in New York for Valentines day (we live pretty close by in Connecticut)..

However, I think the plans are going to change. My boyfriends grandmother passed away yesterday. We’re both 21, and hes lived with his grandmother his WHOLE LIFE! ..hes lived with her up until october 2008 b/c we bought a condo together. She practically raised him, and hes never lost anybody before. 🙁

I would feel very selfish if we still went to the cheesecake factory resteraunt. Instead of the day being about me, I want to kind of make it nice for him for a change.

Heres my idea:
His favorite meal is McDonalds cheeseburgers. He used to eat them like every day which is VERY unhealthy – so when we moved in together I started making sure that I had dinner ready so that he’d have no choice but to eat the healthy food that I made..
I’m going to send him out to the store. While hes at the store I’m going to pick up a McDonalds cheeseburger and some fries for him (not for me! lol, i’ll have salad)…and I’ll run home and put it on our “nice” plates…and light a bunch of candles lol.
And then he loves when I make ice cream sundes for dessert, so i’ll make sure to have everything I need for that.
And then a nice movie!…

How does that sound?
Oh my gosh, such a good idea!

I’m going to get dressed and ready to go to the cheesecake factory. And then I’m going to say “OMG! WAIT! I CANT GO! I NEED TO HAVE ____! will you go run to the store for me and pick some up while i finish getting ready?”..

Maybe i’ll send him out for some “feminine” products.He knows I ran out – and it usually takes him FOREVER in the store to get them!!

Then when he gets back he’ll be so surprised!!

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3 Responses to “Valentines day idea for my boyfriend, good?”

  1. stacymorris07 said:

    I think that’s a sweet idea. And for the sundaes you can pick up some of those candy hearts which will be a nice surprise. Maybe you could get some of those Valentine’s Day slice and bake cookies to go with them also. I think he is lucky to have you at such a difficult time in his life. I am very sorry for his loss and I hope despite what happened you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Elle said:

    That is really sweet that your thinkin of him at this time. That sounds like a good idea to me, Pretend until the last possible point that your still going to the cheesecake place and then pretend youve forgotten somethin and have to go bak! Will make the suprise even sweeter. I really like that idea! Maybe make it all romantic etc and then you can get your reward later!!!

  3. janet b said:

    You are super thoughtful. I think your idea is wonderful and he will love it. The Cheesecake Factory on VD will be mobbed and you would not even get a good meal or relax due to the crowds. Light candles and stay home and cuddle him, he needs comfort. Your idea for the food is terrific too! You must really love him.


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