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Is this a good valentines day idea? Guys?

I’ve been struggling to find a good way to spend valentines day with my bf bc it’s on a Monday and he has work outs till 6 and I hav classes till 6. I thought going to the movies is kinda lame bc we do that all the time. SO my idea was to make him some cheese cake cup cake style with gummy worms (that’s his fav) and we could make a pizza together and watch a good movie (any suggestions? Not a chick or dude flick) does that sound like it would be enjoyable for him, or is that just a girl thing? Maybe I could go for an action movie if the cooking is alittle girly. Any suggestions?

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One Response to “Is this a good valentines day idea? Guys?”

  1. Hector Charles said :

    u should just spend time together i think the movies r a good way to do that maybe a romance


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