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is this a good idea for a valentines present?

do teenage guys like chocolate?? lol cause i was thinking of getting my boyfriend some chocolate off this website, and customise it and write a sweet message. what do you think?

any other ideas? hes 14 by the way and we have been dating about 6 months.

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4 Responses to “is this a good idea for a valentines present?”

  1. Scottish Dachsy said :

    Some do. Teenage boys like to eat.

  2. Anita L said :

    i just showed my boyfriend that site, and he said he wanted one. lol, but i think it’s sooooo cute!!! you should definitely get it! i love it.

  3. Anonymous said :

    Honestly, from a guy’s point of view, I think he’ll like it and find it especially sweet that you customized it…

    Haha, and yes, usually, guys like chocolate and just sweet things in general

  4. sergio q said :

    try a big chocolate with ring inside proposing to marry you !!!! what do you think?


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