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is this a good idea for valentines day for my boyfriend?

so i was thinking of maybe putting together a basket. in it im thinking about putting in one of those nice assorted chocolate boxes, and then some individual chocolate pieces laying about in the basket, maybe a movie, and a cute lil stuffed animal of a sort? i’m juggling ideas around. i like the basket idea, but are there other things i could put in it, like if i cant find a good movie or if id rather not give him a stuffed animal (cause it is kinda girly)

(btw we’re both 18)

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8 Responses to “is this a good idea for valentines day for my boyfriend?”

  1. lovehurts said:

    the choco part is nice ,but i guess the animal thingy is 2 babyish lol, i reckon you put something that he likes maybeee?

  2. tigerkat512 said:

    I like that idea. If you think he will like then go for it!

  3. Kerri said:

    Put in all the cute love stuff, a nice piccie frame with the two of you in
    at the bottom of the basket put in a saucy gift, he will love the suprise 🙂 and he had to find it
    x x x x

  4. Stephanie W said:

    That’s a really good idea. I like it. But you could replace the stuffed animal with a picture of you two in a nice picture frame and if you can’t get a movie get him a game or a gift card.

  5. No name said:

    My brother is close to you age and he loves music so maybe you could put a cd of his favorite artists in it or you could burn your own cd of his favorite songs or something

  6. starlight7 said:

    yeah the stuffed animal is a little girly, but you could definitely put in something he would like; keep his interests in mind, because that shows you’re interested in him! but yeah the basket idea is cool =)

  7. boomn4x42 said:

    Ok women… listen up. You need to understand this. If you really want to do something nice for your boyfriend / husband for Valentines day… Stop trying to do things YOU would like to do, and do something HE would like to do.

    The idea that you came up with would be great, if it was him doing it for you…. but I can assure you, your boyfriend wants nothing to do with that stuff. I’m sure he will tell you how nice it was, but he really won’t care for it.

    You really want to impress him, doing something for him that you normally wouldn’t do. Something that would actually be an inconvience for you, something that you have to go out of your way for. You do something like that, and he will really appreciate it.

    Some suggestions. Buy a pair of tickets to a sporting event that you really don’t like… Buy him tickets to a concert for a band he really likes. Take him out to dinner at busy steakhouse. Take him to an action movie. If you two are sexually active, go out of you way to do something wild that you wouldn’t normally do.

    The key here is to do something for him, that HE would like and not what YOU would like. In return, you can expect the same from him. And trust me, the more you go out of the way to do something for him, the more he will go out of his way for you.

    For the record, I’ve gotten a few stuffed animals for Valentines day / birthdays / sweetest days…. When I got them I always said, “Awe that is so cute”… .then I threw them in the trash.

  8. BuH-LeEN-DuH.! said:

    yes, [email protected] sounds like a good idea, dnt worry he will enjoy it


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