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Is this a good Valentines day idea for a FRIEND?

I’m in high school, currently a senior
Well, for Valentines day
I’m probably not going to have a Valentine -as in girlfriend- but I still want to give somebody -a friend- a Valentine
I write her weekly letters (on Thursdays) and stick it in her mailbox in school
and since Valentines day falls on a Thursday this year I was thinking about writing her a weekly letter, and including a little rhyme in there for her, and say happy valentines day and give her a few chocolates
is this a good idea? (keep in mind shes just a friend)

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2 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines day idea for a FRIEND?”

  1. Jen said:

    Depends on what the poem is. I think it’s a sweet idea but I would keep the poem very very very platonic. Maybe say something like “To a great gal who is a great pal”…something to that extent. Also make sure that your gf doesn’t get jealous that you’re writing a poem for another girl. Chocolates have the potential of being a little romantic just make sure that they’re not in a heart shaped box or anything.

  2. speck323 said:

    give her a hand-made stuffed bear ,,,with a message on it or the bear holding it. she would really like it. my daughter went to a place in our area( they are everywhere) and made a bear. it was a super big hit with her friends. they all wanted to do that and make something so very personal and one of a kind. or give her a gift certificate to the bear store and meet her there to make a Bear. look in yellow book for locations.

  3. alexandrhromovt said:


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