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Do you think this is a good idea for valentines day….?

Ok so there is this boy I like, and he has an iPod so do you think I should get him a $15 iTunes gift card and a Hershey bar?? Keep in mind he isn’t my bf I just have a crush on him, and I think he likes me to. So do you think that’s a good idea?

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11 Responses to “Do you think this is a good idea for valentines day….?”

  1. Jasmine said :

    yeah that is a cute idea. best luck to both of you!!!

  2. Jessica said :

    NOO WAAAYYY dont get him anything unless your dating him.. the MOST i would get a “crush” is a card and SOME candy.. but deffinitly not a 15 dolalr itune gift card.. thats alot lol.

  3. stephh™ said :

    $15? that’s quite a hefty amount for just a crush. maybe just $10. even that’s a lot. but good idea!

  4. SUNSHINE said :

    i think its a cute and great idea.. i would maybe get a card to put the itunes card in that says how you feel with out having to say anything to him. so if he doesnt respond you know where you stand

  5. victoria said :

    sure that’s a good idea, just make sure that he likes you first.

  6. Henry said :

    It depends. are you trying to win him with this gift? if you are, i would recommend something a little more romantic like a heartfelt card and maybe a heart shaped box of chocolates but if it’s just a friend thing, that is a great idea.

  7. ryan said :

    eh i would definately think you are coming on a little strong for not dating him

  8. Ashton R said :



    Well yes that would make him happy.

  10. Sunny said :

    Your thought is good..but is it really worth spending the $15 ? Stick to the candy. A card would be nice. And i am sure if there is something between you both, you wil have several occasions where you wil be able to give him more stuff. but hey, if its the first time you both are exchanging gifts, keep it nice and sweet. and its really my point of view. Rest if upto you to decide. Good luck! and hopefully this valentines day comes out to be a memorable one for you (in a good way ofcourse).

  11. tommy55925 said :

    Thats cool but the $15 dollar iPod gift might be kinda pricey for a kid. But hey go for it!!! Whats the worst could happen? Good Luck!!


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