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Do you think this is a good Valentines gift?

Okay, so i’m going to get a brain shaped ice cube tray and a note/card that says you’re always on my mind. i know, not very romantic, but we’re a geeky couple and i think they would appreciate it. what do you think?

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6 Responses to “Do you think this is a good Valentines gift?”

  1. iluv46! said:
  2. Kalley said:

    Yeah, I think it’s a fantastic gift.
    Valentines gifts don’t always have to be romantic something with meaning and humor like this will be much more appreciated, I think she’ll love it.

  3. simpson1971 said:

    That sounds funny. Nothing like a good laugh. Do it up geek! haha:)

  4. Kaylee N said:

    Its a cute idea! It shows that your kinda romantic and know what shes like, good idea!

  5. Mmaddee. B said:

    omg i love that idea its so fresh and original ..

    i might copy that idea.

    its really the thought that counts i learned that even celebs dont get the most expensive gifts , usually rich people have it all right? they go for origionality something personalized from the heart which makes it so special . Good Luck

  6. RNPKB said:

    Your note is likely to be washed away when the ice starts melting. Yes Ice will be melting shortly


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