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do you think this is a good valentines idea.?

ˇhis girl and i are really good friends but i like her alot. I was thinking about showing this by putting some roses on her windowsill. I pass by her house sometimes and her room is on the first floor. Do you think this is a good idea.

We have been friends for awhile so i have been in her house i am not a stoker.
the first word is this

srry for the typo

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5 Responses to “do you think this is a good valentines idea.?”

  1. ~ Katrina~ said :

    Awww. That’s really sweet. Great idea. I think you should do it.

  2. Leah said :

    Thats sooo sweet, go 4 it

  3. TENNIS!!!!!!!! said :

    yes! that’s really sweet and unexpected!<3 good luck!

  4. Ronda B said :

    That’s an awesome idea! Go for it!

  5. IEatCum said :

    Depends if it’s “his” or “this”.


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