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Guys: is this a good idea for valentines day?

I am thinking about getting a black picture frame and putting a picture of my boyfriend and I in it and write something cute on the frame in silver sharpie. And get him a big chocolate kiss. What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Guys: is this a good idea for valentines day?”

  1. PHGDAL said :

    If he loves you, he will love it. My girlfriend gave me a photo frame with a picture of us together which I keep near my bed.

  2. I Know Huh said :

    Great idea.

  3. Insomnia said :

    that is really cuteeee ; also you could write a little letter on the back of the photo
    and kiss it with red lipstick . * put some hair spray on it so it doesn’t wear off .
    Also, you could cook something small for him . like cupcakes or maybe even pastaa .


  4. Morgan Banks said :

    Amazing Idea!!!


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