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What is the best valentines date for a first date?

We know eachother but we’ve never been on a date.

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One Response to “What is the best valentines date for a first date?”

  1. changed_life13 said:

    well i recondmend for a first date AND for also having it being on valentines day is to start off sending roses to her work/home where-ever she is pretty much going to be all day.

    if she has to work. you defidently see her later that night when she doesnt.

    if she works at night, you see her that morning or lunch.

    if she works all day. you take her out to have a nice lunch. or whenever she has a long enough break.

    now to start off with the date. as if she didnt have plans. you as usual.. pick her up at the time you both agree on. you take her out to dinner. honestly. a dinner not some cheep takeout. im not saying take her to some expensive place. also make sure [if you are doing this as a “surprise” not to take her somewhere she wouldnt like.] if not. let her decide where to eat. after that a movie would be nice. but you dont HAVE to. unless your dating i say skip the movie cause if you guys are you guys would probably end out making out unless its a really romatic movie. if you guys arent really dating. then sure. cause during the time of aka “watching” the movie you are probably wondering how to make the first move.. etc. etc. at the end.

    if taking her to a movie isnt much of your guys’s thing. and you love to either have mucho fun or you guys are wild. take her to a mini golf course. its always fun and you guys not only get to embarrass yourself silly you guys get to know each other a tad bit more. its always cute to!

    anyways i know its a bit much. hope it helps or you have some ideas!! best of luck!


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