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my FIRST! date is on valentines day? please HELPPPP!!!!?

ok i am 16 and i have like never had a boyfriend before and never ever bin on anything like a date? and this guy who is 19 he lives straight across the road from me, we have bin hanging out like every weekend with friends and we have kissed quiet a few times , and he said he wants to take me out on valentines day, like goto the movies and stuff, and i am like the most nervous shy girl in the world, so in that case i dont want to go , cause im so scared, i dont no how much money to take??? and i have no idea what to wear? or what to even talk about, cause ever weekend when we hang out we are both drinking, or eather one of us is over tipsy, and i only really drink because it stops me from being nervous and shy, but like valentines day is in like 2- 3 days im scared ? what do i do? can you help me please , suggestions what to wear and how much money to take and anything i need to no cause i have never bin on a date in my life, please answer!


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4 Responses to “my FIRST! date is on valentines day? please HELPPPP!!!!?”

  1. The Spork said:

    take off the viking helmet for starters

  2. Beautiful Disaster said:

    aw yay im so excited for you!!!!!!!! :] this is so cute and exciting ok so take about $40 (even though you wont need it because if he really is a great date/guy he’ll pay) don’t worry about what to talk about theres ALWAYS something to talk about so don’t even worry. Here are some suggestions on what to wear:

    Explore polyvore and type in maybe first date or valentines day date or something like that if you dont find anything feel free to ask me and ill be happy to put something together to fit your taste. Let me know :]

    Hope this helps :]
    good luck!

  3. questionable said:

    Money: take enough money for a movie and food. So…like $50 if you have it (it’s more then youll need, but better to be safe then sorry). He will probably pay anyways.
    Clothes: Wear something casual but flirty. Not to sexy or hell get the idea that ur a slut. Depending on your style, maybe some straight leg or skinny dark wash jeans and a red or yellow dressy shirt (ex

    Conversation: Just talk about normal things, like you are friends, which you are. School, parents, normal things. If the conversation starts to die, ask a question to try and get to know more about him. Just randomly be lik “whats your favorite colour?”
    Just be yourself, relax and have fun. If your confident, he will find you more attractive and the hole situation will be less awkward

    good luck 🙂

  4. Lizzz said:

    Well you should probably just take a twenty with you just in case, but if he’s a gentleman he will pay for you. Anyway then you should put on your favorite outfit. The outfit that you think makes you look really good. Don’t wear too much makeup because then it just looks like your trying too hard, and most guys don’t like a lot of makeup. Just have fun, be yourself and remember to breathe. Everything is going to be okay!
    Good luck and remember to have fun!


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