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I have a first date on Valentines. Which is a better choice movies or karaoke?

I’m the guy in this btw.

On one hand Karaoke means we’d be in a room by ourselves. Then again there might be pressure to sing.

Movie choices seem to be Sweeney Todd or “the Eye” but movies imo don’t give much opportunity for making moves although I suppose these are scary movies so possibly.

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9 Responses to “I have a first date on Valentines. Which is a better choice movies or karaoke?”

  1. CS said:


  2. Andrea J said:

    If you don’t actually want to sing in public, I’d go with the movie. Although you don’t ‘have’ to sing if you do karaoke. You could always play pool and/or air hockey instead. Or just sit around and talk. But I’d rather go on a first date to the movies.

  3. Jenny Kim said:

    On a first date I like to have lots of conversation, so I don’t do movies or karaoke on a first date.

    But if you really want to do one or the other, I’d do karaoke. At least you can stop once in a while and have a chat about something, if you want to.


  4. The Trent said:

    If it was karaoke in a bar or something like that it’d be better, cause then you could still talk whilst having some bevvies and watching others sing – with you possibly getting up on stage… but because this isn’t the case then karaoke loses.

    Movies are an alright idea but do something afterwards – don’t just see a movie and then go home, talk to them after somewhere otherwise you’ll never hit home base.

  5. audrina001 said:

    why dont u got out for dinner first so u can actually talk and get to know eachother AND THEN move on to a movie, that way she may feel more comfortable cuddling up to you during the movie and it wont be so awkward

    and yeah ur right, karaoke means more pressure for some
    good luck hun

  6. backinbowl said:

    You shouldn’t base your decision on where you can “make moves”; think instead where you would have a better chance of getting to KNOW the person!

  7. Lisa said:

    no doubt go far the movie. I’d have to be pretty comfortable with someone to sing karaoke with them.

  8. punky said:

    Whatever you want to do. I have always loved movies because you can cuddle, especially if the movie is scary. I agree that Karoke might be a pressure to sing, and if either of you can’t sing, then it may be fun for you guys, or humiliating. I leave the choice back on to you. Good luck

  9. Dave Benz said:

    Skip the karaoke unless you can sing like Ricky Martin and serenade her. watch a movie at home a really scary one making her or him:P have to cuddle close because She can’t bare the brutality of severed limbs and broken bones.


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