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my best friend and the girl i like just called me from a valentines day date?

i feel crushed… :[[[[[[[

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6 Responses to “my best friend and the girl i like just called me from a valentines day date?”

  1. Morganie III said :

    does he know you like her? Then he is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    What a jerk.

    And why the heck are they calling YOU on their date? Sounds like he did it more to hurt you than because he likes her. total tool.

  2. [email protected] said :

    just tell her how you feel

  3. michaellyer said :

    well did he know that you like her? does she know you like her….if the answer to these is no. then sorry but you cannot get mad. but if your friend knew…then you should have a talk. OR just start dating your friend and that will really mess her up!

  4. Madara Uchiha said :

    so sorry… *hugs*
    try to forget it…
    do what i told a bunch of other heart broken dudes…
    dnace, sing, listen to music… do what you want to do to relax
    you got the time, why waste it?
    how do i say it nicely…
    get over it
    it happens to lots of people but you don’t see millions of people killing themselves because of that…
    best of luck

  5. Dan B said :

    sounds like he did it to hurt you. hope u feel better soon………

  6. Mz. Pocky <3 said :

    Is this ? about the girl from another ? u posted?? Well there are many more girls than just her and I’m pretty sure there are some that are better than her =/ Try and move on or come back once she’s single again


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