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im going on my first date on valentines day!! HELPPPPPP!!?

ok i am 16 and i have like never had a boyfriend before and never ever bin on anything like a date? and this guy who is 19 he lives straight across the road from me, we have bin hanging out like every weekend with friends and we have kissed quiet a few times , and he said he wants to take me out on valentines day, like goto the movies and stuff, and i am like the most nervous shy girl in the world, so in that case i dont want to go , cause im so scared, i dont no how much money to take??? and i have no idea what to wear? or what to even talk about, cause ever weekend when we hang out we are both drinking, or eather one of us is over tipsy, and i only really drink because it stops me from being nervous and shy, but like valentines day is in like 2- 3 days im scared ? what do i do? can you help me please , suggestions what to wear and how much money to take and anything i need to no cause i have never bin on a date in my life, please answer!


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12 Responses to “im going on my first date on valentines day!! HELPPPPPP!!?”

  1. tommy p said:

    Get some friends to ask instead of random strangers

  2. ceeyahrc1 said:

    let it go stinky

  3. Sam said:

    No matter how nervous you are…GO ON THIS DATE. You will grow in so many ways and it just might be worth it. :]]

    Good luck.

  4. jojoheartpink said:

    just relax. Close your eyes, and relax. Bring about $40, and relax. If you mess up, and your boyfriend is good enough, he’ll just love you even more.

  5. additude said:

    First of all don’t drink..just be yourself, you’ll be fine.

    Secondly, you don’t really need money, after all, HE asked YOU out, not the other way around. But it’s always good to have some money with you in case of emergency…ie: you want to go home or something. $15 should be good.

    Don’t be scared, relax and have fun!!!

  6. Joy said:

    Just be yourself, he was attracted to you because you were yourself obviously. Don’t think too much about it, just have fun and layed back. Talk about school, family, friends, you know the usual. And wear something cute not too showy. And if he asked you out on the date then he should be paying, but just incase just bring like 30 dollars, dinner and a movie shouldn’t cost that much depending on where you’re going. Have fun and relax you’ll have a good time. 🙂

  7. Becca B said:

    Well, I would assume that since he asked you on a date that he is intending to pay. I would bring like 20 bucks though, in case that wasn’t his intention. As far as conversation goes, that can be tough…especially if you’re nervous. Just let the conversation flow naturally. Talk about whatever you two have in common. Wear something cute, but not over the top. Maybe nice pants and a sweater, or a cute dress. If he asked you out, he is obviously already attracted to you…so just wear something that YOU like and makes you feel good. If he likes you, he will like it. Just be yourself! He obviously likes you. And just remember, he is probably as nervous as you are.

  8. heart breaker said:

    go on the date and be yourself. its so noticable wen ppl are fake.chilax and go with the flow

  9. jillie_len_5 said:

    Don’t try so hard to impress him! He obviously likes you or he wouldn’t have asked you out! Be honest with him!! Don’t try to force conversation. It will come naturally. Being nervous is okay, trying to make yourself not look nervous makes you look awkward! hahaha. Be yourself. Wear something you normally would wear, but add a necklace, or some makeup you wouldn’t wear to look nicer. But remember, a guy should like you for you, not the things you wear or how much makeup you put on, those things are artifical

  10. Jenna I said:

    okay, well just remember he’s 19 and more experienced then you. he may know your innocent and trying to get you drunk to have sex with you. that may not be even close to his intentions but just think about it.

    okay. wear something you’re comfortable in.
    maybe a skirt and a nice shirt with some heels.
    a nice necklace and some earings.

    about how much money to bring.
    he ask you out, which means he should basically be paying.
    or maybe you pay for the movie and he pays for the dinner.
    so you should probably bring about 20 bucks?
    you could always ask him what he wants to do about paying over the phone.

    you guys were friends before you’ve dated so you should
    be comfortable around each other. just remember he is
    going to know when you are nervous. most nice guys try
    and make you feel comfortable.

    i use to kind of be like this, i would be scared to hang out with my crush but when i got there we just had a good time flirting and stuff and i wasn’t worried about everything at that time.

    just have fun and don’t worry.

  11. COOKIE said:

    If this is the guy who has a 7 month old
    baby and is waiting for his lady to arrive
    in two weeks…..
    DON’T GO!!
    He knows he has you hooked and he’s
    just cheating on his lady.
    What’s gonna happen when she arrives?
    He’s just gonna dump you or dump her.
    One of you females is going to get hurt.

    Find a real man.
    He’s probably just looking for a baby sitter.
    Don’t get hurt sweetie!!!
    You deserve better!!

  12. Jay Z said:

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