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where is the best place on earth to go out on a first date on valentines day?!?!?

well my BF and i want to do something but were not sure what to do. and it’s our first date!!!
help me !!!!

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10 Responses to “where is the best place on earth to go out on a first date on valentines day?!?!?”

  1. Nichelle C said :

    Best place ever is bowling and dinner

  2. *skater* said :

    sorry, i used to know this but it just slipped out of my mind, i guess

  3. issyalice said :

    paris is always good for valentines!

    um you could go to a nice resturaunt and then maybe take a walk or go see a movie.

  4. sunsetbeachbabe101 said :

    Hawaii or New York

  5. butterflydiva829 said :

    whatever seems special to you. once a friend took me to Maine for lobster but not before giving me a dozen roses and godiva chololates. (PS…his goal was to show me how i should be treated…havent had a guy do that much since lol.)

  6. R.K. k said :

    The place where no body is to disturb both of you.

  7. Stoner said :

    uh…huh,huh,huh…hummm. Well if its a first date your not an item.

  8. Jesus M said :

    go to a place where you and your BF will be together alone where you can express your love for one another and could enjoy the love you are wanting but beware, for getting pregnant

  9. TEJYINA^0^ said :

    H O T E L,………………..M O T E L,.,…^0^ JUST GIVING MY OPINION,…~~

  10. Daniella D said :

    A resturant or a movie.


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