Going on a date on Valentines Day, WHAT TO WEAR?

I’m looking for something from either or these stores:
Forever 21
Arden B.
Urban Outfitters

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6 Responses to “Going on a date on Valentines Day, WHAT TO WEAR?”

  1. Meg said:

    Try to find a sexy red dress!

  2. greenapplegirl0601 said:

    Everyone (and their mamas) will be wearing red. I would go for something different. Maybe a sexy black dress with silver or gold accessories.

  3. Estela said:

    You might want to wear a color that maches with the ocasion.But Valintine’s Day red or pink

  4. Gloomy Bear said:

    wear a white or silver dress

  5. Red Pyramid said:

    Full body scuba gear, airmask and all.

  6. LabLover444 said:


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