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What kind of flowers should I get for a first date valentine’s day date?

So I’m being set up with this girl who had an eye for me, which is great, but the person who set us up told me that this girl has never gotten flowers on Valentine’s Day before so now I’m expected to do so.

I just met the girl yesterday, so I’m not sure what kind of flowers to get her for tomorrow. Any advice?

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29 Responses to “What kind of flowers should I get for a first date valentine’s day date?”

  1. booobyy' said:

    rred roses are the typical flowers for valentine’s

  2. clarinetgrl said:


  3. Dicentra said:

    Just a nice springtime bouquet –

    The florist can make up one for you with lots of different kinds of flowers in it… daisies, carnations, a rose bloom or two, a nice-smelling lily, lots of baby’s breath…

  4. LiL FR34Ky Grl said:


  5. redsoxceltic said:

    give her some mustache wax instead…most girls have them and she will think you are soooooooooo thoughtfull

  6. Uh-Oh Oreo said:

    carnations are the best..

  7. Timmy 2 said:

    NO ROSES! To typical go with some kinda of assortment if it catches your eye go with it.

  8. Elsbells said:

    Peonys – they are the most ebautiful flowers ever 🙂

    I would be Very happy if some one bought me them…they just look like buds for a few days until they really open…wow…beautiful when they do!

  9. Super Mariachi said:

    a single rose…that way she will appreciate that single rose cause it for her and its 1, i think its better than a BUNCH of roses that way that single rose u gave to her will reach her heart

  10. xxunknown321 said:

    mixx it up u know
    not just roses
    sum gurls are sick of that stuff pluss there madddd expensive
    in my opinion get her some tulips or colored flowers
    save money its only the 1st date
    gud luk man
    wish i was yu my gurlfrend ONLY likes roses

  11. DUG said:

    One single red rose. Simple, cheep and classy.

    She will think it nice yet not extravagant.

  12. ecv3 said:

    I would try getting some flowers that show that you like her but don’t buy roses it might give the wrong idea. unless you love the chick.

  13. 360 said:

    Tulips would be perfect. You could get pink and red.

  14. -niqua babee said:

    red roses

  15. carmenlafond said:

    Red roses with a little white baby’s breath mixed in. It doesn’t have to be a full dozen and it can be baby roses. It is the most classy and traditional bouquet.

  16. vaar69 said:

    Roses are a little extreme for a first date. Violets or Pink Carnations would be fine. Tell a florist your situation and they will know just what you want and how to arrange it. You are sweet!!

  17. Emily P said:

    well roses are really over used, but some people really like them. my favorite is sunflowers, but thats just me. i know lilacs are really pretty, i would say since you don’t really know her, and you don’t really know what she likes stick with a pink or red flower. lilacs are pale purple and really pretty.!! good luck

  18. laurenchristenson said:

    I am not so sure that you need to purchase flowers for a first date. You are really rushing things.If you feel that you must take her something maybe a single red rose. Good Luck

  19. radamclaren said:

    Personally i believe that roses are the best choice, they always make you look special, especially if they are different than others, i.e get purple or white roses, although theres nothing wrong with red ones, Good Luck!

  20. Cole said:

    Roses are expensive.
    I personally like getting tulips.
    Roses are expensive and I find them to be standard – every guy buys roses.
    And carnations are very casual.
    Tulips are right inbetween =)

  21. Anne C said:

    hmmmmmmmm… well most people would say roses for there answer but i’d say purple flowers i hear they are cheaper on that exact day or sooner.

  22. babydoll86 said:

    red roses or yellow carnations.

  23. Lovely is Legal<3 said:

    When most girls think valentines, they think roses.
    But being that she’s new, I’d get her either pink or white…red= i love you which could freak her out.

  24. BLINK'S BACK said:

    get her like a red a white and a pink rose with a little teddy bear

  25. mark m said:

    try a mixture of red and yellow roses. since that red ones symbolize love and yellow ones symbolize friendship. than tell her if you are together this time next year she could expect all red

  26. Jenny S said:

    sunflowers, they are beautiful and full, yet if you only get one or two it will seem even more special, they are unique and they are happy, good luck and have fun!

  27. max_mulay said:

    carnations are the best..

  28. sweet.caroline said:

    I don’t like roses as they die too soon. I love spring type flowers or field flowers like lilies etc. You can even get flowers at Public’s or groceries now days so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

    Actually don’t know why you are expected to get flowers for a girl you havne’t gone out with yet, but it is always a nice thing. If she lives at home, it would be nice to take a few flowers for her mother as well. Always nice to have mom on your side. Can be just carnations or something. If the girl hasn’t had flowers, it would be a nice little gesture. Often when there is a dance flowers are expected. So is the friend or the girl expecting flowers? You can probably get some flowers for maybe $4-5 at grocery and add a little box of chocolates from Dollar store or grocery and really impress her. But then it is a hard act to follow so might just get flowers and keep the cost low. She is not a GF. Any flowers should be okay. Red roses usually mean love so I don’t think they are appropriate. Pink is a good color in roses or carnations or yellow. I like the things that look like Irises. Just go to grocery in the produce area and see if they don’t have flowers and you better get them and put them in water today. You can get some in a little vase, just a few flowers or get larger ones in vase or just tke the flowers in a box or in the green wrap that covers them and she can find something at home to put them in. Something about just “Flowers for a sweet girl” or something like that – not Love or anything is appropriate.

    I hope your date is a good one and you both have a good time.

  29. I Heart Him =) said:

    One SunFlower!! =]

    I dont like flowers they die and cost too much im sure she would much rather have a nice dinner date then flowers.


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