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I’m MIGHT be going on my first date on Valentines Day, help me PLEASE! 13 year old girl ?

Well my friend has a friend who likes me and says I’m cute, and my friend says that he’ll probably want to go out with me on a double date with my friend and her bf on Valentines day. I really want to go–however. They’re going to the movies and I think that would be really awkward going to the movies with a boy. I’m scared he’ll like wanna kiss. My friend told me to tell him I don’t kiss on first dates, but I’ll still be nervous

I’ve never been on a date before, what is it like? What do I talk about? Whats appropriate to wear to the movies? I’m nervous lol
He’s 14 I’ll be 14 on the 1st of March

my friend is 14 her bf is 15

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10 Responses to “I’m MIGHT be going on my first date on Valentines Day, help me PLEASE! 13 year old girl ?”

  1. Karina V said:

    look girl being on a date is weird ur first time cuz u dont know what to talk bout.dont freak out just stay in there and dont kiss him n the first date cuz it looks kinda not nice on a gurl put it that way..

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey just be yourself. If he liked you enough to ask you out, then he’ll just want the real you. He might want a kiss, but it depends on what you want. If you want him to work for it and want to kiss you even more, you could not kiss him, but on the other hand, if you wanna kiss him, go for it. The movies is a bad place to go on a first date cuz you can’t really talk, but if the movies boring and he wants to talk just talk about what you would normally talk about and maybe flirt a bit. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Itachi Uchiha ใ†ใกใฏใ‚คใ‚ฟใƒ ~ITA-SASU~ said:

    the first couple dates I had with my boyfriend we would would just talk about music, friends, soccer [cause we’re both huge fans] and stuff like that..

    So…Music is a definite must! and if you have the same teachers/go to the same school thats another okay one.

    If your going to see a movie then you wont really be talking much about much of anything. It’s not such a big deal and it’ll be really easy to come up w/ convo topics there.

    And going to the movies is casual o_o
    So just wear what you usually would <-- Of course no like...sportsy stuff...Jeans and a cute teeshirt is usually normal... And if its your first date of course youll be a little nervous.

  4. Megan R said:

    i would wear a jean skirt and a cute shirt and would talk about the movie and if it is scary lean in to him when you all of a sudden get scare and do not kiss him on the first date you want to be the girl who is hard to get but if you want to kiss him make sure you don’t let him put his tongue in your mouth (not the best thing)

  5. rainybootz said:

    No offense, but middle school dating/ dating before 15 or so is really lame. I mean, you just wonder who thinks who is cute, and everybody is shocked when somebody kisses on their 19861th date, when dates consist of eating pizza with a bunch of other friends and akward silences. I had some opprotunites, but I didn’t start dating until I was a freshman. That way, I could have either a commited relationship and go out with my bf alone and not be nervous, or a bunch of flings which are frankly very fun. So my advise to you is to treat this guy like a friend or something. Wear jeans and a cool shirt, and have fun! I mean, honestly, you’re going to look back on this and laugh, because really, this guy that thinks you’re cute isn’t worth all this. As you get older, if you just look like a girl, chances are half of the guys you know will think you’re hot. So don’t worry.

  6. Mia said:

    Don’t be scared.
    Just be yourself.
    Seriously, it sounds really stupid, but there’s no better advice.
    As for what you should wear, jeans and a cute shirt should be fine. Movies are really casual.

  7. Hannah said:

    First dates r nothin to be that nervous about its actually a lot of fun. Im 15 and I’ve been a 3 dates so far and kissed 2 of the guys. When I go on my dates we usually come back to my place and just talked about the things where interested in and got a chance to know each other. Then after that……………. well u get the picture. U just want to wear somethin cute like a pair of jeans and a cute top. But don’t over do it.

    P.S. if u do decide to go back to eachothers place don’t go there without your parents there. I did that on my 2nd date and my parents came home to find us kissing on the couch. I got grounded 4 a month. lol

  8. crshore74 said:

    I have a 14-year-old son, so you’re giving me some great insight into the teenage mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You sound very sweet. Sure, you’ll be nervous…that’s normal. A movie for a first date is tough because it can be a little awkward since you have to be quiet. Can you suggest something different? Like a restaurant, arcade, etc? That would give you more opportunity to chat.

    “what is it like?”
    Both of you will probably be very nervous, but as the night goes on, you’ll feel more comfortable.

    “What do I talk about?”
    Ask him questions about things he likes, and offer up some interesting facts about yourself.

    “Whats appropriate to wear to the movies?”
    Anything casual and comfortable. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your first date since you’ll be nervous.

    And about the kissing thing, you can bring it up in a joking way, but still make sure he understands you’re serious.

    Good luck and have fun.

  9. teenzyla92 said:

    itll be fine just remember to keep ur ground if it comes to him wanting a kiss

    on the goodside, youll be on a date on vaventines day instead of being in annapolis for 3 days

  10. Chelsea said:

    Its so cool to go on your first date! I loved it and I went on my first date and in Janurary 2009 im 13 also. But I don’t really think you should kiss on your first date either. You don’t want to scare the guy by going to fast in the realtionship. But do your best to act like yourself cause you don’t want to be fake! Good Luck! hope this helps!!!


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