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What is a good gift to get a guy for a first date on Valentines? (Guys input would be great too!)?

I have a friend from college who wants to take me out. We’ve been friends for over a year and he wants to take me out for our first “official” date on valentines. I want to get him something but I don’t know what. I’ve asked several people but no one has had a good answer. PLEASE HELP!!!
Ok… let me be clear… nothing to do with sex. This is a FIRST date. I want to BUY something for him. But something that wouldn’t be cheesy. 😉

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7 Responses to “What is a good gift to get a guy for a first date on Valentines? (Guys input would be great too!)?”

  1. Savory Sue said :

    I got my BF a penis mitten

  2. Vanessa M said :

    get him a rose and candy. guys like that stuff too.

  3. SEXY0812 said :

    i think u should offer him sex

  4. fdm215 said :

    go with something small…CD, candy, cute card

  5. takashimi said :

    well i think you should give him a ruler

    every guy wants one to have!!!

  6. Simon said :

    Since you’ve known him for a year now, you should at least know about some of his interest. Think about what he likes and get him that. Be careful not to come on too strongly by buying something outrageously expensive though. That might put him off.

  7. cafferouge said :

    Think about what he’s into, for example if he writes maybe a leather bound journal. If he is into Photography a nice photography book. Something that shows that you put thought into it, candy and flowers are toooo cliche!
    If he is into a particular sport, think about a book on a particular city/player etc.
    Also, if he’s mentioned a favorite drink such as martini, get a martini shaker or liquor that he may like.


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