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I took her out for First Date on Valentines day but…..?

We went out for a first date on valentines day. I picked her up, gave her some flowers and bought her some chocolates from Godiva. I took her to Ruth Cris steak-house. I think the conversation went good as the night went on, a few awkward silences here and there. During the conversation she mentioned the ex-once or twice but other than that we spoke pretty decent. she offered me a piece of her crab cake. She didn’t eat as much because she said she ate alot earlier. We spoke alot on the way home, she lauged a couple of times as we went home. I offered to walk her in and she kindly declined. I texted her the next day and told her how much I enjoyed the date, and she replied with a “thaks my roomated enjoyed the flowers”… I saw her later on that evening and she said a quick hello and then a goodnight. I asked her for a second date and she kindly declined.. should I pursue her any more or leave her alone.
quick note. I work in the building where she lives, we have been talking here and there for about two months. We use to have better convo before I asked her out. I’m real close with her friend and she tells me things about her and give’s me feedback when i say something to her. The friend always gives me good info and never mentions anything negative that she said about me. I really care for this girl, I just want to make sure everything is going good because I feel that things were different between us before I asked her out. I just want to make sure that I’m not being pushy with her. When I’m not pushing her to date her, she’ll send her friend down to inquire about when we should go out.. The rumor in the building is that she enjoyed herself, she told people in the building about the date….. should I continue to aske her out or leave her be..please serious answers only.. I”m not a serious dater. I just need to know before I invest any more time or my heart into this..

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11 Responses to “I took her out for First Date on Valentines day but…..?”

  1. summerofxx said:

    Leave her alone, it was a worth a try, but don’t try to hard. She’s just either trying to play hard to get or just doesn’t like you. Wait a few days, if theres no reply, try another girl. 😉

  2. killakam2422 said:

    leave her alone for now and just try talkin to her as a friend then see if anything happens later on

  3. Justine R said:

    Wow thats kind of mean what she did… But you should call her one more time and see if she wants to hang out… and if she says “NO” just don’t call her anymore… let her call you… and if she does maybe she wants to talk 2 you

  4. lexi p said:

    leave her alone

  5. Pri. said:

    im sorry.
    but i think you should leave her alone.
    shes kindly telling you that she does not want to date you.

  6. trombonegirl92 said:

    Unless you are convinced that she is your soulmate, leave her alone. She seems like a bit of a b****

  7. Erika M said:

    I’m sorry, but it sounds like she isn’t interested. It doesn’t mean that the date didn’t go well…it sounds like it did…she might just have not felt the spark. She was trying to hint when she talked about the flowers…but you asked her out, so she had to decline. Just remember…every date is a chance to make improvements for next time…good luck!

  8. Steph said:

    Leave her alone. She might have seen your name on Answers and definitely got turned off

  9. free_mason01 said:

    back off a while. try again in a week or so; then write her off

  10. Jennifer D said:

    Leave her.

  11. Steph said:

    First dates are so mysterious and exciting. You don’t know what to expect. I believe a Valentines date should feel wonderful, how did you feel? There are many lovely people that would appreciate the flowers etc… If you must have closure simply ask her if there is something you did or said that bothered her, and don’t take it personally, take it on the cheek and move on. You sound romantic, I’m sure there are other ladies more suitable for you.
    PS; Don’t tell her your the “big tit lover”


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