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He took me on a date yesterday, but valentines day is today. Should I call and ask him to go out tonight?

Ive been talking to this guy for about 2 months now. We originally had said we dont want a relationship as of yet, and just wanted to get to know eachother. We’ve been out with a group of common friends a zillion times but yesterday was the first time we went out just the two of us. He’s two years older (me being 17) but the age doesnt concern him at all. On thursday he asked me out on a date (dinner and movies at my place) and i agreed. He surprised me and took me to a very high end italian restaurant and we had a great time chatting and laughing. We then went to my house and watched movies alone and he did the whole ‘arm around me, intertwined fingers’ bit. Making it apparent he likes me. We have kissed before but it was about 2 weeks ago when i left his house after hanging out with some friends there. So after the movies, i went with him outside to warm up his car. i caught him looking at my lips and so i just looked at him and smiled and he kissed me. It was lengthy id say haha. This morning he texted me before going to his best friends house and when they are together they dont usually answer texts or calls. I was kinda hoping to spend Valentines day with him and catch a movie of some sort, but im not sure if i should ask.. i dont wanna sound like a nusance and i dont want to seem like im pulling him away from his best friend just to see me again. What do you suggest?? and what would my next steps be here? I would like to date him, and we’ve brought up the topic before. We agreed to get to know eachohter.. but im pretty sure we’ve done that part. How can i get him to make us official? Help =)

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7 Responses to “He took me on a date yesterday, but valentines day is today. Should I call and ask him to go out tonight?”

  1. tommy said:

    Maybe hes taking his other girlfriend on a date tonight. Have you thought about that? I did that last year and I do regret it now.

  2. snuggledoodle said:

    ask him to stop by when hes done hanging with his friends

  3. Sarah G said:

    NO!!! THE BEST THING YOU COULD GO GIRL IS NOT I repeat NOT call him tonight. Pop in a movie, get a glass of wine, bath, something but get your mind off of him. Because it will make you looks desperate. Just trust me. Your unavailability will make him want you more than if you call.

    Also- I agree kinda suspicious if you ask me. Maybe you could drive by his friends house just once to see if his car is there. Not to sound stalkerish, just drive by once. And if it is ok awesome, if not… idk doesn’t seem right.

  4. lee said:

    The part that concerns me is that he doesn’t take texts or calls while he’s hanging out with hanging out with his best friend. What guy wouldn’t be eager to get a text from a potential girlfriend. I would back off for tonight and be as elusive as he is.
    Guys don’t run away when ignored they become more interested in you, trust me.
    Mysterious girls are the bain of a guy’s existence, but they love it.
    I would not text him or call him at all today, as much as I know that hurts. Because you want him to think that you are as casual about this as he is. And the other thing is….hang out with other dudes. I know this guy has really got you but you know why? It’s because he puts you off. He’s mysterious, you don’t know what he’s doing, you’re wondering if he will call. See, he’s got you where you should have him, think about it.

  5. Megan said:

    im thinking he made plans with you last night because hes hangign with friends today. like for me because i work today me nad bf had our vday date on friday.

    id ask him casually what his plans for later are. of he mentions hanging with friends let it go. but if he says nothing then id casually ask him to hang out tonight

  6. Tiffany said:

    try going easy first. what i mean by is start by doing this “Hey, wanna go to that new taco place down the block after school?”. that way, he’ll come with you without knowing that you want to ask him on a date. it’ll be like first, you’re just friends. next, do this “hey, i was wondering, will you go on a date with me on Valentine’s Day?” since you got into a conversation before that part, he’ll probably say yes since he’s kinda used to you. 😉

  7. MiSS LALA said:

    DO NOT CALL!!! let him call you. it makes girls look desperate when they call and ask. always let him ask you…that how you can tell if hes really into you or not! If he already too you out then appreciate that, don’t make him think you just like to be wined and dinned. if he calls you recommend he stop by and see you, nothing more. If HE asks then its a different story and you should go for it but, NEVER CALL!!! I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and I still will never ask him to take me out, he just does because that’s what he wants to do, because he cares. Also we went out yesterday (because he had to work to day) but its just a day, to day is no different then any other day, and he a guy…most of them don’t care about Valentines Day.


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