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Valentines Idea!?

Okay for valentines. I have decided to give my girl friend this gift and I was wondering if the idea is good or not

Well, on the day of valentines ill go meet her up.
Holding a dozen roses (or 11 roses with 1 fake one and a card saying “ill love you until the last rose dies”) and a black box.

I’ll then tell her to open the box when she gets home. In the box, there will be a star necklace hung on the top of the box and a heart necklace inside another box. The rest of the black box will be filled with 101 stars with each star containing a messege about 1 thing I love about her, or a sweet msg about her. And under all of that, on the bottom of the box i will use a white board marker or permanent marker and write
“if i had a star for everything i loved about u id have the whole night sky… <3 xxxxx(my name) " Is that a good idea or am i going over board? Thx for your help everyone oh another question. Should i glue the stars to the box so she can peel each one off in order? or just chuck it all in so she opens them randomly?

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3 Responses to “Valentines Idea!?”

  1. blahhh.x said:

    she is a lucky girl.
    where did you come from? i want one!
    and i say chuck the stars in. its more excitement 😉

  2. mak247mlh said:

    That is the most romantic thing I have ever heard. I think all my Valentines will be disappointing from now on comparing them to what you are doing. I think I am going to cry you made me so happy just reading that. She will love it but make sure you have some thing better for next year. Maybe you could break it up into like three years, like do the rose thing with the heart necklace this year and do the star thing next year, make sure you take her somewhere really nice to eat then do all this afterword. Man I wish I had a guy like you!

    Good Luck!

  3. eek said:

    You’re the sweetest!

    Will you be my boyfriend too? 😉


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