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valentines day no money idea?

hello i need an idea for valentines day. We jave just had a baby so cant go out and i dont have money as on maternity. We dont want to spend his money as were buying new car tomorrow. What can i do for him for valentines day that will cost no money. No sexy things as time of month lol

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4 Responses to “valentines day no money idea?”

  1. little78lucky said :

    My fav valentines day my husband and I were broke as could be so we made personalized coupons for each other, small things like a 15 min backrub or draw up a bubble bath for the other.

  2. annie said :

    Share a home-cooked candle-lit dinner at your dining area with a nice music playing on background. Then you can dance afterwards. My boyfriend once gave me a love letter with a toy ring during our anniversary when he was broke too. Maybe you’ll think of it as funny but I found it very sweet and sincere. =)

  3. Kitty said :


  4. Larkin L said :

    Homemade coupons

    One free hug
    one free kiss
    one free massage
    one free bath
    one free batch of cookies
    One free movie night – his choice
    One ‘complaint-free’ day


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