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Feedback on my Valentines Day Idea Needed?

So I want this V-day to be amazing for me and my boyfriend. I figured I need to do something out of the ordinary cliche so I first ordered M&M’s which are customized with a special message and am going to make a card with my bare hands-since he knows I am not artistic it should mean more..
Secondly, we are going to get a hotel for the night-we both live in dorms with roomates :p
Now, what i really want feedback for, is the meal-resturants are so impersonal during V-day so I figured we could do something different-go to somewhere like Wendys or Mcdonalds, and get food to go-lustful good full of pleasure (thats fast food if I ever knew!) and eat it in the comfort of the hotel room.
This idea for the meal like concerns me, will he take it the right way? I know if I explain my thinking it will be fine but what do you all think about this “controvercial” idea? I just want to be outside the box-to have a Vday neither of us will ever forget.

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6 Responses to “Feedback on my Valentines Day Idea Needed?”

  1. Sorcha said:

    What about ordering room service? McD is kind of.. well.. un-Vday-ish.

  2. Les said:

    Wouldn’t it be better to make something easy for dinner and bring it with you to the hotel? Sorry, but fast food is never romantic.

  3. Jill K said:

    Depends what your favorite meals are and are you planning the whole day in the room or the whole night? Do you want an out to dinner meal? What about entertainment afterwards? You need more details, do you have a jacuzzi in your room? You could get chinese ordered in or use the hotel services and order to the room and get champagne (or drink of choice) along with it and spend sometime exploring yourself and eachother in the jacuzzi while watching a romantic show (or like me and my boyfriend LOVE UFC) so whatever makes you both enjoy the evening. Order up and spend the time just admiring eachother or later on find a blues (or calm crowd at a local bar) and hold eachother and just enjoy the evening.

  4. freebird said:

    It sounds like you have put alot of thought into this plan. I think the take-out idea is great, it sounds like you two don’t get a lot of private time as a rule, so this will give you more time together to be spontaneous that particular day. Often the simplest plans can turn out to be the most fun.

  5. browneyedpeaches said:

    I think you have the whole night planed perfectly, The only thing I can suggest with fast food is getting things that you two can feed to each other, like nuggetts and fries maybe a icecream. I think it will be more romantic to feed each other. Stay away from onions rings, the kissing will be better that way.

    Good luck 🙂

  6. twagakadirk said:

    I think the McDonalds thing is genius, but it all depends if he is open to that kind of anti-conformity mess. I personally would enjoy it, but I also agree room service would not hurt either. The card is also a great idea and I am sure it would make him smile.


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