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Valentines day idea, what do you girls think?

So I’ve been dating a girl for about six months and I really care about her and want to show it come the 14th (we’re 24). The dilemna is that I will be out of town on business and will not get to spend the actual day with her. When she found out she had mentioned she never really had a valentine while in a real relationship. I want to do something a little over the top so she remembers. What would you girls think if you got three small arrangements. Like……. one sent to her office in the morning and one in the evening (8hr Shift) and maybe a third sent to her house. I was thinking one for the past, one for not being with her that day and one with reference to the future. I don’t know, it seemed like a decent idea, jus wanted a couple opinions. Thanks

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17 Responses to “Valentines day idea, what do you girls think?”

  1. acestjohn said :
  2. jakimmi72 said :

    I think that’s a very sweet idea, I bet she’d love that.

  3. Naveen K said :


  4. anette said :

    cute.. but write notes on each gifts that you will give..

  5. brandi j said :

    if you’re going to be out of town that’s really all you can do, and if my husband did that i would be content with it sense he couldn’t be there in person. what would make it even better was if you got out of it and didn’t tell her and surprised her, but if you can’t then you have a good plan.

  6. relaxxx747 said :

    That sounds like a sweet Idea. I think another great Idea is leave clues around the house leading to a nice little gift. I don’t know your living arrangement but that would be fun. You can give her a clue over the phone and she will begin her hunt. Good luck!

  7. Amazing_clarity said :

    I think that is a very nice idea especially since its coming from your heart. You can write nice little messages on the cards .. I am sure she will love those.. Make sure you get the kind of flowers she like.. what if you get her a bear first , then like one of those candles thngs those flower places sell(they come iwht flowers ) and then have the flowers waitin for her at home!!

    What ever you do i am sure it will be great .. and she is lucky to have someone like you who will put thought into making her day special

  8. Rebekah21 said :

    If a guy i cared about did that for me I’d be flattered!!! You seem like a hopeless romantic, and thats very sweet! Good luck, I know she’ll love it. Even if you not there with her, she’ll know your thinking about her on your time away from eachother! And the meanings for them all gave me shivers when i read them!..where did you come up with that??! i take it your not the typical boyfriend. VERY lucky girl!

  9. luvz2puff said :

    Dam! U r all ready thinking about what to get her…? Ahhhh, I remember those days… Funny how things change when u have been together for what seems like forever… Fly her out to be with u for the night… That would be pimp!

  10. abenezer scrooge said :

    yes a very nice idea.

  11. asterias_5 said :

    Each time the flowers could be of different colours…u can easily find out which flower signifies what. And also send a note each time with the flowers explaining what each one stands for and what she means to you accordingly.

  12. Jennifer W said :

    What a very nice idea! How sweet! She’s definitely a lucky woman. The thought you put into it was great. Women don’t necessarily need diamonds and material things. The thought it what counts and the fact that you put enough thought to label them past , not being there, and future would mean a lot to her I’m sure. My husband has gotten me wonderful gifts in the past and I love them of course but the one that actually sticks out is the time he got us a room at the Marriot and actually went there ahead of time (got out of work early) and set up a picnic on the bed and also had an arrangement of blue roses. He said he got me blue roses before because he had remembered in the past I said I never received a blue rose from anyone. That was the thought and time he put into that day that makes me remember it so clearly. Anyone can go to the store and buy something for someone but it takes time to put thought into it. Very cute idea. Good Luck!

  13. avavu said :

    It sounds sweet and thought full.Just make sure you have notes on them explaining your thoughts

  14. sarah said :

    you should hand make her a card too.

  15. jenny said :

    It’s a cute idea. Not sure if you want to do this but in addition to the arrangements, create a note for each arrangement about a memory that you’ve enjoyed with her throughout the last 6 months. Maybe the first note you’ll give her at her office will talk about the 1st time you guys met. 2nd note could be some random funny or great memory of a date. 3rd note could explain how much she means to you or something with an ending of “Happy Valentine”.

    Also, make sure to call her on Valentine’s. She’ll appreciate how you took the time to call her even when you’re out of town. I think the best time to call her is when she actaully gets her last arrangement.

  16. Melon said :

    Since you two have been together for six months, then you should know her better, what she want, what she need, what she like…All of these, I have no idea besides I know she is 24years old as you mention. Anyway, she should feel happy for what you are going to prepare for her. What I can say here is, wishes you and your girl friend have a wonderful valentines day. ^_^

  17. Valerena said :

    give the girl diamonds too and some cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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