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what’s a sexy valentines day date idea?

I am a female and I want to do something sexy for my man. We’re a fairly new relationship but I want him to know that I really like him. So Whats a sexy idea. I live in puerto rico near the beach. And money isnt a factor. What would you like guys?

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2 Responses to “what’s a sexy valentines day date idea?”

  1. Dethruhate said:

    Strip tennis.

  2. Packer Fan 101 said:

    ummmmm. . . . . I don’t know if you can afford this on such a short notice but maybe a trip to Florida. The beach is the sexiest place for couples anyway. OR maybe you could go to a nice, expensive restaurant and give her a rose with a ring (not a proposal ring) in it and tell her with a card that you think she’s special.


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