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So Valentines day idea, what do you girls think?

So I’ve been dating a girl for about six months and I really care about her and want to show it come the 14th (we’re 24). The dilemna is that I will be out of town on business and will not get to spend the actual day with her. When she found out she had mentioned she never really had a valentine while in a real relationship. I want to do something a little over the top so she remembers. What would you girls think if you got three small arrangements. Like……. one sent to her office in the morning and one in the evening (8hr Shift) and maybe a third sent to her house. I was thinking one for the past, one for not being with her that day and one with reference to the future. I don’t know, it seemed like a decent idea, jus wanted a couple opinions. Thanks

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4 Responses to “So Valentines day idea, what do you girls think?”

  1. i know what your talking about said:

    put rose petals on her bed. give her a beautiful necklace.and tell her how wonderful she is and give her lots of love and maybe she will want to do u later that night!!! 🙂

  2. PuNk said:

    Spa package. I am not saying you need to blow tons of money on her… but let her be pampered for a day. A massage… facial… manicure, pedicure…. it sounds nice.

  3. acestjohn said:

    try this web site, they always have great ideas and they dont cost a whole lot but they are so good she would never forget what you did for her.

  4. Dove said:

    I don’t think the first one realized that you would be out of town. I think that is a very sweet idea. Shows she means a lot to you and that you’re a good guy.


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