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Idea for Valentines day? what do you think?

my boyfriend and i have been together for almost a year and a couple days ago we got in a fight and broke up. we’re back together and everything is better than ever! so i want to show him how much i care about him. i had this idea of making a huge list about everything i know about him and love about him? is this a good idea? got any more suggestions for like homemade personal gifts i could do?

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7 Responses to “Idea for Valentines day? what do you think?”

  1. 2009 Most Intellectual said:

    Thats cute! You can put it in a scrapbook like a few things per page. You could decorate with valentiney paper and stickers and include lots of pics of the 2 of u.

  2. Kira L said:

    what i did is a bought a beautiful book and glued some pictures of us on it and wrote some cute and funny notes and memories we have together.

  3. fortunatef0o said:

    My fiancée did that for me near the beginning of our relationship. She wrote me a long letter telling me the same sort of things, then put it in a velvet box and let me open it.

    It was very sweet!

  4. Kimnie R said:

    Maybe you can make a list of your boyfriend favorite things. Eliminate what they already have or what they are likely to receive from other people. hope it help or for more romantic idea you can try search in here

  5. Jenny ~N~ BLAKE said:

    okay first u tell him how much u love him then u could show him how much u love him by goin out and doin sumtin yall both like to do that day

  6. Tornato said:

    The best ones are the ones you make yourself and don’t cost much like the cards. ie this card entitles the holder of the card to. The cards can be as imaginative and sexual or clean i.e. massage or cuddle as you like or prefer depending on your relationship just try to add some specification of what it is limited too to stop later arguments or problems arising.

  7. mag said:

    hi there…
    here..try out this link..
    its a cool web page for homemade valentine gift ideas…
    it may help you out…


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