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What do you think of this idea for a valentines day gift?

I don’t like the regular everyday kind of gifts. My boyfriend loves shoes, but he’s also been wanting a new wallet. At my work, there’s one he said he likes. It sounds simple at first, but would it be any bit meaningful if I wrote some sort of “love” letter or just list things I love about him and placed it inside of it for him? Just wondering if it’s corny or cute.

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5 Responses to “What do you think of this idea for a valentines day gift?”

  1. msroboto said :

    make little coupons to go in all the credit card slot things. They could say something like:

    Good For One Kiss, at any time. (cute little things like that)

  2. lilshorty6013 said :

    I think its cute and creative. I mean its better than getting him a card that he’ll probably lose or throw away.

  3. mollysue said :

    i know a girl named nicole who has a bf who works at finishline…is it you? lol weird, but worth a shot.

    ps. the wallet idea is a good one. I might even have to steal it!

  4. Diane said :

    I think a wallet is a great gift for a guy, and your idea about the note really makes it special.

  5. Ansel A said :

    Nicole, your idea is cute as this will make your gift a little more special. You can also try to present him with a photo book that will further personalize your gift. Try for more info.


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