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Valentines idea, what you think?

Heres my idea πŸ™‚ I will be 15 by then btw. And im a guy
I was thinking to get some flowers, what flowers though? and a box of chocolates shaped in a heart delivered to her house and a card. Then go out for dinner, some place nice. Then go for a long walk back to my house and watch a movie. What you think? Any suggestions? What flowers to get? thankssss :):)

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5 Responses to “Valentines idea, what you think?”

  1. kitty said:

    Yes, brilliant idea.
    & roses DUH!
    or her favorite flower..

  2. prittygurl32 said:

    You sound very romantic! Great job!! I think you should do roses or carnations! They have a bunch of really pretty flowers on the link below! I would love any and i’m a girl. I know she would too! Make sure you get her a cute card or make her one! She’d love if you made her one because it’d show you took time and put a lot of thought into it! You have great ideas! Enjoy your valentines day!

  3. diamond said:

    that sounds like a great idea. i think you should get like red roses since they symbolize love

  4. XxShadexX said:

    That is a great idea! Get roses….Maybe go out to olive garden for dinner.

  5. Kelly G said:

    I agree with kittys reply,
    you already have great ideas , get some roses, ( red ) Obv,
    your going WOW your Gf lol. πŸ˜›


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