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MY idea for valentines day??? what do you girls think?

My girlfriend and i have been together for a little longer then 3 months… I really really like her a lot and so does she…. I am planning on buying 6 roses 1 fake and giving them to her teachers to give to her every period.. on every rose there is going to say something… now what are possible ways to write on the roses or how lol?
I’m a sophomore in high school

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8 Responses to “MY idea for valentines day??? what do you girls think?”

  1. Kendra420 said:

    I would attach little cards w/ compliments.
    She’ll love your idea. You seem to be a romantic!

  2. WhItNeY~ said:

    great! mabye each rose should explain one thing that you love about her

  3. Sabrina said:

    you are so sweet! my husband needs to take lessons from you. you should right every thing you like about her.

  4. Laura D said:

    Put reasons why you like her so much on them..

    I wrote reasons why I love my boyfriend on balloons for his bday last year [amongst other presents of course!] and he loved it.

    Things that are really specific to her, like maybe she laughs at things no1 else would, or maybe she plays with her hair if shes nervous or something yno?

    Good luck!

  5. lanaf25 said:

    That is a really cute idea. I think she will really love that. It seems genuine and not something that just anyone would think about. You could tie on small messages or poems to the rose stem. I think that would be a great way of expressing your love towards her and how much you really care. Hope all goes well!

  6. Tereny said:

    I think it’s a great idea, she’ll love it, especially in front of her classmates! Maybe you could write valentine’s day jokes on it, you could find a lot of them on the net!

  7. mollikinz23 said:

    That is really cute, i’d die if my boyfriend did that for me. I would do it thought, so that one of her friends give her the rose and not the teacher, just let the teachers know what is gong on.
    Get note cards for each rose to put on/with them. Write parts of songs she likes from bands she likes. Make sure that their LOVE songs, or it doesn’t make the right impression

  8. I love my munchkin!!! said:

    you should have the teachers say that the rose is from secret admire then the last one you should give to her and tell her you re the secret admire.


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