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Do girls love it when you send them a Valentine’s Card and they have no idea who sent it?

I sent a Valentines card on February 2007 to a girl who I secretly admire, I am hoping that she received it ok because I threw it under the classroom door and It turned out that she wasn’t in school that day, so I’m hoping that someone gave it to her the next day or something and I would be pretty sure that she did get it, although I didn’t hear any gossip about it and I’m thinking about a way of telling her now that it was me who sent it, what should I do and…Do girls love it when you send them a Valentine’s Card and they have no idea who sent it?
No need to be all sarcastic or anuthing people, just answer the question properly.

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6 Responses to “Do girls love it when you send them a Valentine’s Card and they have no idea who sent it?”

  1. Brautman said:

    No. Valentines day is a sin. The devil wants us to waste money on materialistic things like cards and candy.

  2. Alexander H said:

    I PERSONALLY LOVE IT.By the way i love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Natalie said:

    It’s a shame that you aren’t sure if she got it. There is nothing more flattering than to know that someone admires you. I think it’s fun and sweet to not know who it is… it adds mystery. But I can tell you that she WILL want to know who it is from. If she recieved it I’m almost possitive there would have been a buzz about it. That’s something you tell people… partly to brag… but partly to try and figure out who it is. I would write her a note (type it if she knows your hand writing) that is also from her “Secret Admirer” Find some way of slipping it in her book or backpack… or if need be give it to someone you trust (or tell that person that someone gave it to you but you don’t know where this girl is) and have it delivered. I’m sure you’ll hear about it… then you can use your best judgement… you can either send her another one a week later and make it a fun game… or just tell her it was you… maybe in the second one give her a time and place to meet you… she’ll be there. But make sure to make the notes nice… and sweet but light hearted… don’t pour it on too thick and profess your love… You’re going for romantic… not creepy. Good Luck!

  4. xXTaCoSXx said:

    I HATE IT !!!
    its too confusing ,and i hate the headaches!!!!
    but its cute the thought u put into it.

  5. mitch24 said:

    no they hate it

  6. Dove said:

    Every girl is different. Some don’t like it because they stress too much over who it could possibly be. Some are annoyed that they don’t know who it is. Others find it adorable and dreamy. If you don’t know if she ever got it, you could talk to a mutual friend to see if they know if she got it or not (and ask them not to tell her) You might be able to talk to one of her friends and get them to work on your side, they should know if she’ll like the secret admirer thing or not, if she ever got the first card, and help you to give her future ones if you choose to remain hidden. It may be somewhat odd to come out as the secret admirer in the card she recieved back in february if she never received the card!


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