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A good valentines gift for someone without money?

SO I wanna get him or make him something, but I have run dry of ideas. I don’t have any money so I can’t go and buy something like a stuffed animal, anyone have any ideas?

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5 Responses to “A good valentines gift for someone without money?”

  1. cc said :

    Make him a card, or print him one!
    Make him a coupon book!
    Eg) Good for one free get out of argument card!
    One free kiss! You pick the movie card! Etc!
    Pick him some flowers!
    Txt or email him a special message!
    Bake him cookies or cupcakes!

  2. Archie♥r said :

    well… do you have foil? i found this in a book only they used Christmas trees… and bible verses.
    cut the foil into a heart and use a toothpick or something similar to inscribe a poem on it. if you want the poem to be inscribed so the words get pushed out, make sure you do it backwards.
    or you could bake him a heart shaped cookie. but that’s pretty common… the foil thing, well, not many people do that.

  3. War Sex Video said :

    Find out if you can make heart shaped sugar cookies. If you can’t do that, maybe you can bake a cake, or some other kind of cookies.

    You could also dress scantily, and invite him to join you, at a playground.

  4. Rella said :

    Write a love note on the mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker (not a regular marker!).

    If you have snow where you are, tramp out a big heart in the snow and then surprise him with it (and don’t forget to include a few kisses!).

    I don’t know if this would do anything for you two, but we enjoy playing at the stores with the toys that sing silly songs. We don’t waste our money on buying them; we just “press here” and laugh at them. Easy fun without lasting clutter.

    You could also show each other cards at the store that you would give to each other, without actually buying them. You could have fun with this–in addition to the cards you really would give each other, you could show each other cards that you both think are ridiculous or overly obnoxious, and make it a teasing thing.

    Make him something to eat at home that he will especially like. Curl up on the sofa together with a movie from the library (or a show that’s already on t.v.), something that you will both enjoy.

    Play a board game or cards. You could invent your own rules or make your own cards if you want to make it extra interesting…

    He probably doesn’t really want a stuffed animal anyway. Memories make better gifts. One of the best things you can give him is time spent together with both of you being happy.

    Show him that you’re thinking of him and taking action to make his day brighter. Tailor your “gift” to the person. What would HE find meaningful? What would HE enjoy?

  5. StarMan said :

    Cooking is ALWAYS good!

    Also write him a poem – provided you REALLY feel it.

    A sincere poem is one of the more touching things you can do for a man.

    Collect some of his favorite songs that you have and play them during the cooking and eating.

    Yes, and buy ONE thing – a nice massage oil. And then use it on him 😀


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