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What are some good valentines day ideas for someone with no money, and also with a girl that i want to date?

Ok, I really do not have a lot of money at all. So I need some good ideas.

Also this girl, Barbie. Is not my gf. But I want her to be.

We were talking about dating and I asked her to be my valentine and her said yes.

But we are not dating. Also her friend told me that she is not going to date me, because she still likes her old bf.

I want to prove that I like her. Any ideas?

Or should I even try to do anything at all?

Thank you,

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6 Responses to “What are some good valentines day ideas for someone with no money, and also with a girl that i want to date?”

  1. golden said :

    What about having a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to her door? That would be so romantic. And she
    would remember this for the rest of her life.

  2. SuzeY said :

    I don’t how tech savvy you are, but maybe you could burn a cd for her with some romantic music on it. If she doesn’t get the message from that, move on.

  3. freebiemomma2001 said :

    Go for it!

    I know, as a woman, some things I would really appreciate… write her a poem… not good at poetry? Write a sweet letter. Make her dinner, and read it to her, with candlelight, at dinner. Rent a sweet, romantic movie. You can make free cards on your computer. Do a search for free card making software. You can get awesome, pre-maid cards for printing at Dollar Tree. Making one yourself shows more thought than buying a generic one!

    Good luck!

  4. Cindy E said :


    Sounds to me like she would have you on the rebound..or to make her old boyfriend jealous..
    It is very hard for a girl to date someone else, and be emotionally involved when their are thinking about their old boyfriend..she will view you just as a good friend, Don’t waste all your money on her..She probably already knows that you dig her..I mean you asked her out..
    I know because the same thing happend to me..
    I had a few guys they were totally crushing on me,but I still had feelings for my old boyfriend.. One of them thought that he could win me over by cheering me up,and he took me all over the place..the Zoo,the Museum,the Fair and the Circus…all in like one weekend..he paid for everything..sure I had fun, but every moment I thought about my old Boyfriend..I think he finally caught on, and moved on… I had guys they would not leave…and while I saw them as good friends they wanted to impress me sooo much, they played guitar and sang me to sleep at night and then silently leave the room after I feel asleep..(I was in the military dorms)…sweetest guys..but again all I could think about was my Exboyfriend..I had guys bring me lunch everyday to work..Although I thought they were so nice at the time..I never dated anyone of these guys..
    So don’t waste your time on her..
    Fins someone else..and then maby once she is over the Old Boyfriend you can try to amke another move..for right now keep it cool and play it of as a good a card or something nothing to cheesy, and find another girl to be your valentine.

  5. jenna said :

    try this necklace, it is cute and perfect for valentines day.

    on the other hand if it doesn’t work out you can always resell it. try doing that with flowers 🙂

  6. smiles 4 u said :

    try this diamond necklace…

    its perfect for anyone on a budget. I just bought one that similar.


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