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What is a really good valentines day gift?

my boyfriend and i have been together for a long time and i was wondering what i should get him. He is the kind of guy that loves anything ill give him but i want it to be really special since its v-day. and im lost…help?

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6 Responses to “What is a really good valentines day gift?”

  1. whynotaskdon said:

    A replica Rolex!

  2. ruthie said:

    The best Valentine’s Day present would be a whole day of fun without a care in the world doing what you like best. The best gift would be memories so begin by planning a whole day of memories. A well planned day full of fun and surprises. Breakfast buffet at a really cool place, a bide ride from the country into the city, then lunch in a cute cafe, a walk to museums and dinner in an elegant place. Have fun!!!

  3. Azuan A said:

    Go for a “Romantic Scrapbook” collect nice photos, movie tickets, first dates stuff, love letters, cards, poems that u;ve shared with ur bf in the past and compile it to one scrapbook. Use your creativity and put sections for memorable dates, Meeting the parent for the 1st time, etc….

    be creative and trust me half the fun is doing it and the other half is when u see his reaction the moment u gift him the gift…

    Here’s a good site to guide you:

    All the best!~

  4. Killing_you_sweetly said:

    I am faced with the same problem this year! However, after thinking about it I decided that I was going to get him a stuffed animal. Why? Because, he’s always gotten me stuffed animals so I got it in one of his favorite animals. He loves monkeys so I got him this HUGE Gorilla that is holding a heart..It’s adorable…and I’m also going to give him a big kiss.
    My boyfriend also is going to like whatever I give him…but, since I have a love for stuffed animals and he always gets them for me…it will mean something for me to give one to him…Think of something he gives you frequently…And then try an match it with something you have never or, have rarely given him. OH! And a mixed c.d. with songs that remind you of him is great to go along with whatever you give him.
    Guys, are just like us! They have no idea what to get girls! And he is going through the same problem you are! Just relax go window shopping and find something that reminds of you of him! Or maybe that you thinks cute that he would think is cute…BECAUSE it reminds him of you! Just don’t stress it! You’ll figure it out!
    Good Luck!

  5. arpita said:


  6. elingeriedvdtoys1 said:

    really good ones

  7. shatskiek said:


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