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What is a good valentines day gift?

Besides chocolate and flowers (it needs to be shipped and there’s other issues), what is a good gift to give to a very close female friend? Not a girlfriend. Just a friend.

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8 Responses to “What is a good valentines day gift?”

  1. Honey Mor said:


  2. Silence is Gold said:

    A sweet kiss.

  3. Dale Thornhill said:

    Maybe a watch, or some kind of jewelry! It’s always been said that that’s for a girlfriend or a wife but that’s not true. I hope that help!

  4. Plasma said:

    A keychain that she can put in her purse.

  5. Concerned Citizen said:

    A nice bathrobe she can use while lounging around or after shower –

  6. Pole Dancing Ria said:

    A nice card with a box of chocolates are sweet. Find out what her likes are, so that it would be easier for you to find the perfect gift for her. Perfumes may work.

  7. Laura Cowler said:

    Does she like cute and fun items, plus getting lots of stuff in the mail?
    You could get her a fair ivy surprise package subscription. She’ll get a fun surprise package in the mail each month and each time its full of exciting surprises!

    i get them from my friend and love them 🙂 I love waiting for mail….plus it feels like he’s giving me a gift every month!

  8. I. M. Awesome said:

    A Snuggie so she can feel you wrapped around her.


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