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what is a good valentines day gift for her?

So right now i like this girl and she likes me aswell, we both know it but she doesnt want a relationship just yet because of some things that are going on right now. I guess you could say we are seeing each other just not dating yet. I am 17 and wondering what i should get her for valentines day. Girls i know you know this so just throw those ideas out there!

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4 Responses to “what is a good valentines day gift for her?”

  1. hedgie555 said:

    Get her a cute teddy bear and some chocolates, then you can give her a simple (not diamond or anything) necklace

  2. ليلى -Lєуlα♥ *Put on a smile :) said:

    Get her a rose and a teddy bear.
    Or a bunch of those candy hearts!


  3. Michael said:
  4. seruphl said:


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