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What are some really good Valentines day gift ideas?

my bf and i are 7 hours away….wat are some good valentine day gift ideas?

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7 Responses to “What are some really good Valentines day gift ideas?”

  1. Shawn said :


  2. emily said :

    maybe u drive 7 hours and show up at his front door?

  3. Nicole Kingdom said :
  4. Concerned Citizen said :

    nice warm bathrobe for your boyfriend –

  5. Dawnaldarling said :

    If you take some photos with him, I think use them to create a photo mosaic is a good idea.
    My sister made one for her bf and it works really great.
    I find the site for you. You can take a look at some samples and get a software from the reffered site.
    Good luck!

  6. Willie Wages said :

    Congratulation! Be a new couple lover. Well, what gift? That should depend on your bf’s age. If your bf is young boy, then you should send him sport gift. On the other hand, your bf is a mature man, you can send him wallet, belt, watch or tie bar. I think that will match your bf perfectly.

  7. CrazyBillWilson said :

    Here’s a list I keep handy for the occassion…Good for him or her though written to help the gentlemen out there.

    Top Ten Affordable Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas

    1)Hire a house cleaner for the week. When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile things can become routine with chores and housework often falling to the woman. This stuff does not make her feel like the sexy woman you want her to be. Hire someone to care for the daily “stuff” or if you need really affordable, you do it — laundry, dishes, trash, vacuuming, etc. Give her time to herself doing the things that she likes to do…or better yet…just doing nothing. Let her have the time to remember how beautiful she really is.

    2)Join a Panty of the Month Club. Most people have not heard of panty clubs. They are like a wine of the month clubs, but the recipient receives panties monthly rather than wine. Panty clubs are great romantic gifts because they create intimate moments all year long. As a fringe benefit, you will both anticipate the delivery of sexy panties. Try out This year they have two packages; A Sexy Valentines Gift package that can be found at or a Romantic Valentines Gift package at

    See their video at

    3)Go shopping with her to buy her something personal – a purse, earrings, an outfit, lingerie, lipstick. Just be focused and engaged in the experience – make her feel special. Don’t be the guy that says “can we go home yet.” If you are new to shopping, stick to one thing and do it right. You may also want to have set a dinner reservation or made plans to be somewhere so that you both have a place to be so that the amount of time shopping is limited. That way you won’t end up with an all day event that you may not be able to handle and empty pockets.

    4)Dinner on a rooftop. Find a rooftop or a remote romantic setting. Pack her a surprise picnic with champagne and fun food she likes. Enjoy a quiet dinner and each other away from the daily routine and hustle of the real world.

    5)Give her a massage. Again, stay focused on her. Make it about her pleasure. Set up an area where you can easily massage her for at least an hour. 30- 40 minutes while she’s on her stomach and 30-40 minutes while she’s on her back. Use scented oil and have light soothing music in the background. Hot towels on feet, eyes, neck during parts of massage would be a nice extra. Remember when she’s lying on her back to put pillow under her knees for support.

    6)Show her your hidden talent. Do you paint, write, make music, take photos, make videos? Make her something meaningful. The more creative, the more she’ll appreciate. Encapsulate your first date, your first kiss, how you met. Use whatever medium you are most comfortable with; a song, a poem, a picture, a photo book, a video. You could even fill her i-pod with your favorite tunes.

    7)Ballroom Dancing. If she watches, Dances with the stars, you may want to enroll in a six week beginners Ballroom dancing class. It’s time you’ll share together, it’s healthy, fun and romantic and as a side benefit you both learn something new. Like riding a bike, you’ll have new shared romantic talent forever.

    8)Time. Time is so precious, yet we don’t often think of it as a gift. Both of you play hooky for the day and do things that you can’t typically do. Go to a movie, lunch, sleep in, exercise together…Make time for each other this Valentines Day and think of it as a treat for you both.

    9)Fresh Starts. This year Valentines Day is on a Saturday. If she’s a sleeper, let her sleep and start her day with fresh squeezed juice and her favorite morning foods in bed. Set up a beautiful tray with flowers, coffee and breakfast with a note telling her the day is hers. (Of course, if you think she will want dinner as part of the day, make sure you make reservations ahead).

    10)Lose that irritating thing. The gift she may want the most is that thing she’s just been telling you forever; quit smoking, lose 10 lbs, let’s go out more, clean up after yourself. You know the one that I’m talking about. Just do it. Make the commitment to her and mean it. It would go into the worst Valentines Day gifts ever if you can’t live up to your side of the bargain. But, if you have the courage, make the change that will make her happy and your relationship healthier.


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