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what are some good ideas for a valentines gift for my girlfriend?

we have been dating for a year and i want to get her something that will totally surprise her and blow her away

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3 Responses to “what are some good ideas for a valentines gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. **TexasChick** said:


    You can’t go wrong with this classic gift. Even if you can’t afford a dozen long-stemmed roses you can still utilize this traditional present. You could purchase less expensive flowers or even buy a single rose. You could also add a simple box of chocolates and a card. Write a personalized note or a poem for an even more romantic gesture.

    Stuffed Animals

    Stuffed animals are another time honored tradition but to make this idea even more fun I would suggest you take you Valentine to a Build-A-Bear workshop. You two will get to enjoy the time together in a fun atmosphere and she will get a cute gift that you have personalized together.


    Most girls love jewelry. It doesn’t have to be something expensive either. You could purchase something as simple as a locket at Target. Or you could get her a pair of birthstone earrings. Just be sure to get her something you know she will love.


    Get her tickets to concert featuring a band you both love or to a sporting event that you both will enjoy. This is a great gift in that it can be enjoyed by both of you together.

    Gift Certificate

    Most people would consider gift certificates or gift cards to be far too impersonal for a Valentine’s Day gift. However, if you get her a gift certificate for a nail or hair salon that she likes I promise she will enjoy it. By giving her this gift you are giving her the opportunity to be pampered. Every girl can appreciate that.

  2. Julia said:

    get some sexy lingerie for her! I get mine at
    Totally great stuff and free shipping! Good luck with your gift ideas!

  3. Me said:

    This year I got my girlfriend the 2009 equivalent of the mix tape – an ipod that I loaded up with love songs. In case you’re too young to remember, it used to be romantic to make a mix tape (on a cassette tape) of songs that express how you feel about your girlfriend. Fortunately my girlfriend doesn’t have an ipod yet, but even if she did I would just get her a different version. If she already has a large capacity ipod, you can get her a shuffle.


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