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A good valentines gift for some one?

There’s this guy I lyk n I wana get. Him sumtin 4 valentines day but idk if he likes me an I cnt buy anythink thts to pricey wat should I get him?

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3 Responses to “A good valentines gift for some one?”

  1. ♥Aяchuleta♥₤ΘVЕЯ19♥®™ said:

    you could make him something or get him food (guys lovvvvveeee food) lol

  2. Karen!!!!! said:

    get him a rose or a carnation and put it in one of the slits in his locker with a secret note attatched to it, and if you really want to hide your feelings, type the note and dont put your name….nothing better than a romantic mystery….
    i hope i helped

  3. It's That Guy said:

    Even if you were BF and GF, a Valentine’s Day gift should not be big and showy and expensive–that’s for Christmas or birthdays. Valentine’s Day is just for showing that you’re thinking about someone, that you like him or her, so something small, just a ‘token’. A card would probably do, maybe with a sweet hand-written note in it. Or a little heart-shaped box of chocolates. Just to show how you feel, that you’re thinking of him.


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