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What is your idea of a great valentines day?

– Also if you do not like material possessions, what makes a great valentines day for you?
– If you are single what do u do to enjoy the day?
-If you are with someone that does not believe in the day and u do, what will u do to still enjoy the day?

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10 Responses to “What is your idea of a great valentines day?”

  1. Froggy said:

    Not seeing or hearing my in-laws.

  2. ALl said:

    my idea of a great valentines day would be getting given a bunch of red roses – each red rose counting the number of months we’d been together, and then going on holiday for a romantic week with picnics on the beach feeding each other strawberries..
    lol, probably never happen – would be good though (Y)

  3. Ironic-dont-ya-think said:

    I think valentines day is best with your friends personally!! you can have a meal and be romantic with your partner any day but nothing beats watching a film, drinking lots of wine and eating more chocolate and crisps than you ever have with your friends on valentines day!

  4. coolsoul _ said:

    to have a candle light dinner with some slow music..hehe

  5. Daisy Indigo said:

    My ideal day would be a nice brunch and a movie followed by some shopping, then a nice dinner with plenty of drinks, then go home and have more drinks and sex – and if I could have anything I wanted with no consequences I would also have some drugs and cigarettes throughout the day.

  6. Just LISTEN said:

    Valentines day isnt just a day for couples, but for anyone without a significant other. The day is rather better for single people. I mean, i can go to a mall or anywhere and just go up to a random woman and ask, “Hey, will you be my valentine?” or some corny pick up line. The day is an excuse to get a date. Not only that, it could be a fix it day for couples. Whether your having a bad relationship or a good one, theres always need of fixing, and valentines day is the day to do all that. If you give a gift, it really doesnt matter what it is, because its the thought that counts.

  7. americangurl_28 said:

    Not celebrating it. Its just another day.
    Why does a person need valentine’s day to show another how much they care for them? Why can’t they do it any day of the year………………….

  8. toxic tone said:

    1.Checking into an upmarket motel on a Friday. 2. Giving the Concierge (provided there is one) a £50.00 gratuity, along with appropriate instructions. 3. Make sure that the room contains a large bed with a hard mattress. 4. Clear away all furniture. 5. Have dinner, preferably Dover Sole – off the bone – cooked in sage and butter, with a green salad and a bottle of Chateau Lafitte 1933 – if they are out of stock, order Chablis. 6. Enhance your relationship. 7. Stay in bed until Monday morning. 8. Order brunch; scrambled eggs (organic) with smoked salmon, washed down with a bottle of Dom Perignon mixed with fresh OJ (preferably out of an orange, not out of a carton.) 9. Start planning a 3 week holiday on Mykonos!

  9. punkdassie said:

    i personally don’t celebrate valentines day and i am dating someone who does. Personally i think that making an effort to celebrate it means allot to him because you are showing him that you care bout his interests and believes. A home cooked meal candle lite dinner with a bubble bath will do the trick!

  10. Florence S said:

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