What are some great things on ebay that I can buy as a valentines gift?

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  1. ƒląrε¨*•.❤.•*¨ said:

    interesting question. Seems you are getting ready for V-Day. Well, it depends on what your girl likes and her personality. Just think about what she enjoys. Does she like movies? Does she like games? Does she like make up? If she likes fragrances and stuff, here are some ebay links




    I just listed some popular stuff that I know women like. Just try to observe what she’s really into whether it’s into games and stuff. Oh, Get her a present and then some chocolates or a rose, maybe something that expresses how you feel about her. If your gf/wife is someone who is picky, I tried to help. Picky women are tough to buy for. I’m sure they would like some victoria’s secret fragrance though. Just because it’s victoria’s secret your woman will appreciate the fact that she thinks she smells sexy because of “victoria’s secret”.


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