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What is a great idea for valentines day?

Valentines day seems like such a girl holiday & I totally love it, but it never seems just right for my husband. What do guys think of Valentines day?

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8 Responses to “What is a great idea for valentines day?”

  1. ticklemeblue said:

    Make him a chocolate cheese cake….he’ll love it…

  2. Coche said:

    I’m a big fan of this holiday, but what sucks about it is that nothing special happens to me on this holiday.

  3. ravensgirl said:

    i think valentines day is a little overrated. i mean why do you need one day to tell someone how much you love them? i typically just order in some food and rent a cute movie and spend it cuddling and……with my boyfriend. i dont like him to feel pressured to do something big. and when you build up a holiday like this it only leads to dissappointment. try having a low-key valentines. tell him that you are going to take care of it this year. try and make it about him. i am sure he will appreciate it and you should be happy just making him happy.

  4. Jadis said:

    you know the phrase “the way to a man’s stomach is thru his hear” ? Well, I’ve found success by buying myself some pretty lingerie and making him a nice dinner with desert. I usually include a sweet sauce with the desert because you can take the leftovers into the bedroom later! 🙂

  5. DRP said:

    Valentines is a time of romantic, physical and emotional reflection. Some guys are good with the Idea some are not so chummy. Personally – I love it! The thought about being with someone you love and the whole experience is relaxing and stress free. Valentines is also a time to rekindle old flames. It can stir feelings and attractions you probably thought was gone. I hope this year is good for you!

  6. ganesh n said:

    nothing much,all ways works harder every year,bcoz dear i work in a post office!!!

  7. hushnowjustplayit said:

    Guys think of Valentine’s Day as another holiday where they will be forced to spend money on something useless and silly.

    A great idea for VD day would be to buy a box of those valentines kids hand out in school and go and give them to people at random. Or give them out at a nursing home. Or to kids in a hospital.

  8. won_fulano said:

    Do a anti v-day have a party with friends


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