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If you had to choose a famous celebrity of the oppsite sex as your Valentines date, who would you choose?

i would deffo go for Penelope cruz, who would yours be?

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31 Responses to “If you had to choose a famous celebrity of the oppsite sex as your Valentines date, who would you choose?”

  1. Shadowboxer said:

    John Cusack or Ethan Hawke

  2. perfectvelvet said:

    Pierce Brosnan, definitely!

  3. loverorfriend said:

    My boyfriend is the star in my life. Boo all day. But if I didnt have him it’d be George Clooney. Fine, settled man.

  4. mandisueboo said:

    Hugh Jackman

  5. jmclaughlin07 said:

    john cusack! i have been in love with him since i was about 10 and saw say anything!

  6. said:

    well i would have choosen heath ledger (i loved him) but i would pick channing tatum

  7. Eileen J said:

    Will Farris… or Robin Williams .I think they are both so wild and crazy I just love their humor..I might not like them romantically ,but I would surely have alot of laughs and fun I am sure..

  8. peace<3=] said:

    Ryan Sheckler!!
    ahhh hes so hott
    and he seems sweet

  9. aeroxpanda said:

    Zac Efron. 🙂

  10. sanjaab said:

    my husband

  11. onaethghjv said:


  12. Greywolf said:

    why does it have to be the opposite sex?

    I feel left out!

  13. Sahara said:

    Julian McMahon or Dylan Walsh.

    I love Nip/Tuck.

  14. Wayne said:

    Britney Spears, because you know she will give it up on the first date, just kiddin. I would say Marissa Miller, shes my number one.

  15. SexRexRx said:

    Jessica Alba sans the pregnancy.

  16. Alanna ~ said:

    Hmmm.. probably Angelina Jolie, or Daniel Radcliffe. Don’t ask why. 😛

  17. jonnyexcel said:

    Jenna Jameson

  18. kj said:

    Naveen Andrews. In case you don’t know, he’s that guy in LOST who plays Sayid.

  19. SHEFFERGIRLS said:

    tracey edmonds babyfaces x wife and im a straight girl but i think she is the sexiest woman alive not to mention shes f ing beautiful

  20. iceman said:

    Selma hyack , hey we could double date , aint they like cousins or something?

  21. R said:


  22. wkdpixy said:

    Dennis Leary, no question about it…

  23. Larry K said:

    I would definitely choose my wife. I married her five years ago and we are doing just fine. And I Love Her!! LJK.

  24. Julie M said:

    George Clooney!!! LOVE him, and maybe Brad Pitt, i am not attracted to his type 80% of the time but i just finish watching Troy again last night and i fell in love…again…always happens after i watch Troy…But if i was in sane normal mind, it would be GEORGE CLOONEY!!

  25. Anthony L said:

    jason statham from snatch and lock stock,hes mighty fit and does all his own stunts and Kelly brookes a dick for leaving him cos now hes mine.

  26. SexyMamaTo3 said:

    Morris Chestnut LOVE his smile!

  27. nichole said:

    Chris Brown

  28. christina17 said:

    omg Paul walker and Chad Michael Murry and for the female i would pick raven riley she is so sexy lol

  29. ...¶Xahir¶... said:

    Anne Hathaway

  30. Charly Bravo said:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  31. Jet said:

    Scarlett Johansson


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